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Questions about what we do

The following questions have been compiled to help our customers and are the most frequently asked before booking us to film your wedding day.

Why should I have a film of my wedding ?
A wedding film captures the emotions, laughter and joy plus many moments of the day that you may miss. It prevents the precious moments from fading by remembering the feelings, sights and sounds of having all of your family and friends celebrating your wedding.

If I ring Storybegins to see if a specific date is free, will it be reserved for me ?
Due to demand, dates will only be formally reserved once a booking fee (deposit) has been received.

Do I have to have a music sound track throughout the wedding film ?
Music will be edited onto the edit at the customers request. Background music is not used over the ceremony and speeches. The build-up, meet and greet, shoot and reception will all have music overlaid on it.

How long does the wedding film last ?
As a wedding day can be anything up to 12 hours long, the USB contains the highlights and memorable parts of the day. The wedding film edit is usually between 1.5 and 2.5 hours long.

How long does it take to edit the video material and put onto DVD ?
The editing can take between 20 and 30 hours.

How long will it be before I receive my finished DVD ?
Depending on the time of year between 14 to 15 weeks will have your wedding film online for you to view. Three weeks following that your USB copy will be shipped to you.

What equipment do you use ?
We use the latest Sony and Canon cameras and Sennheiser radio microphones.  All are the industry standard for wedding films.

What is the difference between a Storybegins Film, and one costing over a lot more?
From customer feedback and testimonials, there is no difference. Please review our gallery of wedding highlights to see the quality and style.

Do I have to obtain copyright licenses for ceremony music performers?
We advise our clients to ask all musical performers about permissions. However some Church of Ireland vicars charge for filming, therefore clients should inform the church that the wedding is being filmed and will need to cover any costs.

How do you dress at the wedding ?
I dress smartly with a black shirt and black trousers. This helps me blend in with crowd and not draw too much attention.

My grand parents only have a DVD player, can I have a DVD copy ?
Yes, this is possible but only the 30min wedding film can be copied to a DVD disk.

What happens if I lose my film in the future ?
Storybegins keep a master copy so additional copies can be purchased in the future.

What happens if one of the videographers is ill ?
We have a network of videographers to call in an emergency and can cover attendance at your wedding.

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